Car Park Designs

The design is included in our turnkey offers for Design & Installation of the Duplipark® system. If the project has already been designed by an architect, we can use that design or propose alternatives / optimization.

In any case, our teams will propose several layouts to optimize the number of spaces in your new car park, and liaise with the Authorities to get the Architectural and Structural designs approved.

We design under Euro-codes, British Standards, or American Standards. Any specific requirement for additional loads, or specific vehicles storage, can be accommodated in the design stage.

The Duplipark system is adapted to the region where it is installed, taking in account the size of the cars, the frequency of usage and the climate (from European snowy winters, to Arabian desert conditions). The structure will be designed specifically for each project, in order to include the requirements for car spaces and alleys dimensions.


Car Park multi level Steel Structures

The Duplipark® steel structure has been developed to be installed without foundations (for G+1) while drivers are still using the parking spaces. It is a lean, hyper static structure without bracings, and without unnecessary steel items.

It has been designed to be user friendly and pleasant to look at.

It is not qualified as a "modular" car park that could look temporary or unsafe. On the contrary, it is an equivalent of concrete structures, but with reduced cost, increased speed of installation and better general overlook.

The columns and beams can be painted in any colour chosen by the client, or simply galvanized.

The structure is designed under the Ventilated car park fire specifications, and can resist to the standard fire scenarios without sprinklers.

The structure can be used for car parks up to 10 levels, and can accommodate retail, F&B or office spaces. The structural calculations are tailor-made for each car park, in order to include the client and authorities specific requirements (location of columns, dimensions of the spaces and alleys, design standards).


Hospital Car Park

The Duplipark® deck is a specific composite slab that combines elements of permanent formwork and specifically treated concrete. The slab cans accommodate different live loads according to the country / region and the client requirements.

A wide range of finishes can be applied depending on the client needs and budget, from bare concrete to waterproof asphalting, or car-park epoxy paints. All colours can be applied.


Shopping Centers Car Park

The car park is fully equipped with standard services:

  • Lighting and electric panels
  • Vertical signage and directions
  • Horizontal signage and spaces design (alleys, pathways, spaces, reduced mobility spaces)
  • Handrails and Stairs
  • Water collection

All other services can be installed as options:

  • CCTV
  • Access controls and barriers
  • Fire-fighting (only on special cases, when the ventilation is low)
  • Charging sockets on spaces for electric cars
  • Available spaces signalling and counting
  • Communication panels and advertisement
  • Lifts and escalators
  • Operations cabins
  • Toilets and maintenance rooms
  • Shades on the roof
  • Etc.

Ask our team to clarify exactly what is needed and included on our offer on your specific project.


University Car Park

Any type of cladding and façade treatment can be added as an option. With the standard handrails finish, the car park edges become very light and transparent, with low impact on the surrounding landscaping.

However, the edges and façade can be customized with panels (full panels or see-through patterns) in order to give a specific personality to the car park, or to make it match a typical area of the city.

The façades and railings can be used for advertisement, and the proximity to the roads and the reduced height of our structures make it an excellent space for visibility.


Companies Car Park


Your new parking will be installed with very low disturbance to the existing car park or site.

We build in phases: 80% of the capacity can be available at all times.

We build at night if necessary: there are no construction operations during opening hours.

We build in 2 months or 1 week if necessary, depending on your constraints and budget.

We plan the construction in the low-activity time in any case.

The car park is installed with small machinery (forklifts) and there is minimal noise on site.

The site is very clean, as all elements come painted and protected, ready to install, and bolted together.

On all our past projects, our clients have been surprised with our speed of installation.


Housing Complex Car Park

Our car parks are low maintenance, there is no intumescent paints that have to be replaced, and all the elements are protected against corrosion.

Our car parks systems are permanent and last more than concrete buildings, as the steel, when correctly protected, do not lose the physical properties.

Other than changing the lights when they reach their end of service and the cleaning, our car parks are maintenance free. A refreshing or change of the colour can be a plus for marketing reasons, and the structure is easy to access and paint.